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The Golden Fortunes site is the ultimate portal and directory for the Gold sector. Anyone interested in learning about gold should find the information on this site very valuable. You will learn why gold is a very important investment, especially in the coming years, and why we are currently in a Gold Bull market which could last for another 7 years.

The Golden Fortunes site contains the largest online precious metals directory including bullion dealers, mining companies, private vaults, various exchanges and bullion related special services.

This site provides information on the following precious metals topics:

  • History of gold, important facts and gold as a currency.  
  • Why invest in gold now - US dollar risk, gold demand, gold supply, gold fundamentals, gold as an inflation hedge, M3 monetary policy, fiat currency and why gold is a great investment.
  • How to invest in Gold - There is a great section on the best ways to invest in the gold market including buying gold bullion, gold coins, gold jewellery, gold certificates, gold futures, gold options, gold ETF, gold mutual funds and gold mining companies, producers and companies that explore for gold.
  • There is some good information on current events, precious metals trade shows & conferences and general news about the sector.


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Vin Maru - Analyst & Editor
Golden Fortunes

In 2005, I started investigating Gold and the causes for the sudden price rise in the prior few years, that's when I got bitten by the GOLD BUG.

I realized we were at the beginnings of "the next biggest boom" in commodities and "the even bigger bust" to follow in the financial system and paper currencies. Over 7 years ago I decided to focus and become an expert on Precious Metals, I have never looked back since and I look forward to building a wealth of GOLDEN FORTUNES in the years ahead.

Here are a few skills that I have developed along the way:

  • 16 years of experience in Internet and Multimedia Technologies
  • 15 years as a private investor and market analyst including Stocks, Forex, ETFs, Futures, Options, Private Placements and Warrants.
  • Self taught with 7 years experience in Mining Companies, Commodities, Fundamental and Technical Analysis
  • Daily research & analysis of the commodities sector & mining companies (focused on precious metals)
  • Constant communication with industry experts & representatives of mining companies
  • Continuously attending industry conferences, courses and trade shows
  • An entrepreneurial spirit with sales & marketing leadership and strong project management skills

Vin Maru - Analyst & Editor
Golden Fortunes


Golden Fortunes is a informational and educational only website.

We try and maintain the information on this site on a regular basis, however content may become outdated or non accurate. We will try to publish information about gold, the industry, financial cycles and all other relevant information that becomes available to us. 



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